Music solutions

Our Intro2Music project provide facilities to music industry professionals around the globe.

Web Hosting

Domain registration, website & email hosting for business. Shared hosting, VPS & Servers.

Smartphone Apps

Our Drag/Drop App building platforms are suitable for individuals and companies.

Meeting Rooms

Each room has its disposable URL. Just pick a room name and share your custom URL.

History of Intro2.

Intro2 began in the late 1990's as, Intro2Scripts, an online service helping authors to find agents and publishers.

Since then, Intro2 has been researching, sponsoring, and developing projects which provide online facilities and services for, musicians, writers, film-makers, photographers and many more types of business and associations. Our network servers are housed in various high-speed data centres in the UK, France, Netherland, Germany, and USA.

Some of our Projects & Facilities

Each of our projects are packed with easy-to-use tools and features ready for you to use!

When creating your own online project, you can choose to use the facilities of only one of our projects if it suits, or you can mix and match multiple facilities and tools from all of our projects if required... OR...

We'll do all the work for you!

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Website Design

Intro2 Sitepad

Intro2 Sitepad is one of our easy-to-use facilities for creating stunning looking websites. This online design studio comes as standard in our Intro2 Hosting packages.

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Business Grade Hosting

Intro2 Hosting

Intro2 Hosting is the hardware backbone for all Intro2 online projects, providing server facilities suited to hosting simple domain, email, and websites for business use, to individually configured server setups, live streaming servers, and more.

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App Design

Intro2 Apps

Our Intro2 Apps project provides an easy-to-use admin facility for the creation and live editing of smartphone Apps. Create cross platform Apps (iOS, Android & HTML5) for your business and publish to Apple's App Store, Google Play, and other App Stores.

Communication Systems

Intro2 Telecom

Our Intro2 Telecom project provide communications facilities ranging from supplying UK telephone numbers, VOIP systems and virtual telecom switchboards, to Live Streaming servers for video/audio events, scalable from one-to-one meetings to, one to many, as in group meetings and broadcasts.

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Online Music Facilities

Intro2 Music

Our Intro2 Music project was founded in 2002 with the sole intention of creating powerful online web facilities for Professional Musicians and Bands. Over time Intro2 Music expanded to cater for clients in many different areas of the global music industry.

Publishing & Design

Intro2 Publishing

Intro2 Publishing is a registered Publisher in the UK, publishing a range of paperback books and e-books since 2002. Since 2004 Intro2 Publishing has also been publishing online projects for and with 3rd party companies. We also publish Applications to the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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